Today U.S. is a threat to international peace and security. So the slogan “Down with America” is not exclusively for our nation.
Imam Khamenei
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2015-2-22 08:52:18 2015-2-22 08:52:18
The results are in for the Second Grand Award of Down with the USA

The closing ceremony of Down with the USA will be held on February 28th.

One section of the competition is works for the Visual Arts part of the Grand Award of Down with USA.

Talking about the procedure and judging of this section of the second award of the Down with USA competition, Seyyed Masoud Shojaee said:  the visual arts part of this Grand Award was held in three categories. Photography, caricatures and posters were the sections of this part of the competition and about more than four thousand  works were submitted to the Secretariat.

He added: we received 1800 posters, 1200 caricatures and 1000 photographs.

Referring to the judges of the caricature part he said: Mohammad Hossein Niroomand, Maziar Bijani and I myself were the judges. Three people won the top spots and ten others were given honorable mention.

He added: in the photography part, Seyyed Abbas Mir Hashemi, Mohammad Hossein Heydari and Yousof Gerami were the judges. In this part four people won the top spots.

He also said that: Masoud Nejabati, Hamid Sharifi Al Hashem and Ahmad Gholi zadeh judged the posters and we had three main winners in this category and seven people were given honorable mention.

He added: the closing ceremony of the Second Grand Award of Down with USA will be held on 28th of February and in the Sacred Defense (Defa Moghaddas) Museum.

The works were sent to the secretariat in main and subcategories, which the main part included posters, caricatures and photographs and the subcategories included documentaries, clips, songs, articles, blogs and software and mobile applications.