Today U.S. is a threat to international peace and security. So the slogan “Down with America” is not exclusively for our nation.
Imam Khamenei
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The press conference for the “Third International Grand Award of Down with USA” was held in Tasnim News Agency 
Shojaie Tabatabayi: our view for this festival is away from media games and focused on fine art/ international referees will be used in the cartoon part of the festival
The press conference for the “Third International Grand Award of Down with USA” was held in Tasnim News Agency with the participation of Seyyed Masoud Shojaie Tabatabayi, the art director and Meysam Mohammad Hassani, the executive secretary of this festival. 
Answering the questioning of the reason for the slogan “Down with USA” Masoud Shojaie Tabatabayi said: from the beginning Iran was faced with two types of colonization from America. The first one was Pahlavi monarchy which was dependent on America and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran openly the opposed Iran which the bitterest incident was US Vincennes warship missile attack on an Iranian passenger plane.
He added: even in such a catastrophe we are witnessing that not only the US didn’t apologize for killing innocent people but also the commander of Vincennes was awarded with medals and this is one of the most ridiculous events in the political history of the US. 
Masoud Shojaie Tabatabayi mentioned: America’s oppression can be seen all around the world. Last week I was in a festival named “Disability is not a barrier” and I met one of the Japanese referees of that festival. After this festival we two had our own exhibition in Izmir. The common point of our exhibition was that most of our works were about the US and Militarism related to US military and its violence. 
He added: Japanese have been hurt like Iranians and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is an example of it. Of course in Japan, some regions like Okinawa has been occupied by the Americans and there are American military bases in different parts of Japan. Japanese still are upset about atomic bombings and the Americans never apologized for that. As you know, in less than a second in Hiroshima more than 250 thousand people were killed but even in his last trip to Japan, Obama didn’t apologize for what they have done. 
Emphasizing on the universality of discomfort of the US, Shojaie Tabatabayi said: America’s presence all around the world has caused great catastrophes. Professor John Bennett who is one the great researchers on the field of comic, is a critic of American oppressions. 
The art director of the Grand Award of Down with USA also said: when George Bush entered our region and called Iran and Syria as the axis of evil and later on some of the American websites created a part on their websites about the “war with Iran” in which they published nonsense things. We created a package in response under the name of “advises to American militants”. We did our best to show our fine art. For example about Holocaust at the beginning everyone thought that we are going to make fun of the victims of war while we could present the main issue and topic by our logical comic works. 
About the enmity of the US with Iran he expressed: in addition to Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei’s words which have said “America is the great Satan” and “Do not trust the US”, today we are witnessing that the main topic of the presidential candidate of US are about supporting Israel and confronting Iran. Even Trump talks about annihilating Iran with atomic bomb. This enmity can’t be denied and we will stand against them till the end of our lives. 
Meysam Mohammad Hassani, the executive secretary of this festival explained about how the festival will be held and then they responded the questions of the journalists. 
Meysam Mohammad Hassani said: this is the third festival and in the last one we received 4300 works from 46 countries which was even surprising for ourselves. However this time we have advertised in different ways and we hope that this festival will be publicized more. 
He added: Photo, Poster and Cartoon are the main categories of this festival and artists can also participate on sub-categories like video clip, hymns, documentary and song. The first winners in the main categories will be awarded 2500 euros, and the closing ceremony will be held in December 6th 2016. 
Shojaie Tabatabayi mentioned: we have invited international referees like Jitet Kustana form Indonesia, Mikael Demirci from Turkey and also Mahmood Nazari from Iran. He also added that for the other parts they are consulting with other international referees and they will announce the result of these consultations on the festival’s website.  
About the universality of the slogan of “down with USA” he explained: even in the US and Chicago there are some people who fire the American flag or for example the famous American cartoons, David Baldinger is drawing Anti American cartoons . 
In response to a question from reporters about whether holding such festivals in the current international situation may cause divisions in the country Mohammad Hassani said: I believe that all people are united in this slogan. 
He also added: Western media like BBC and Manoto has covered this festival but we haven’t had internal coverage yet. Generally universal coverage of this festival is important for us because people inside the country are united and know the importance of the slogan of “down with USA” and we are united in enlightening the people around the world about the oppression of America.

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